Pranayam – A Memorable Experience

"pranayam, malayalam movie"

What I feel after coming down the stairs of a theatre in kollam is that I had gone through an O Henry tale. "pranayam, malayalam movie"

As a viewer, you are placed in a rather taken-from-real-life circumstance from where the plot develops a little bit dramatically into a totally unexpected climax.

During the sequences that make up the first half, I thought the process is nothing but an old and clichéd topic which would go like ‘I married Steve, that’s alright, but I still love Andrew’ or one of our ‘painkili’ topic refurbished and put up for Onam sale.

But it defies your anticipation. The film grows richer as it goes and it develops into a subtle and aesthetically poignant organization of thought and content into an experience that will last longer than you felt.

Mohanlal, Anupam Kher and Jayapradha weaves a web of sound and characterisation which is ‘charismatic’, if that is the word or possibly into something that can absorb you into the soul of the film.

Yes, the film has a soul. It might take me another visit to the theatre to write a detailed review, but my first look leaves me warm, and full of life and I am looking forward to step up from the chair where I sit right now to pick up the phone and tell my girl that,

The earth may go down under
And skies would break to two
But I would love and still would love
And leave my heart for you.

It’s a must watch if you ever fell in love. And for those who never loved, they can watch the movie and try a hand at love. For Lord Tennyson, if you know the old English poet, had once told over a cup of coffee that “It is better to be loved and lost than never to love at all.”


And I will leave my heart for you
And do what things I can
For you may know, as I should know
My dear, I am your man.

That’s an echo of the previous song. Love like songs would linger in your memory long after it is gone. And you always return to your love like you would return to a tune. Once in love, you cannot walk away from each other without looking back. That’s what Blessy is trying to tell.

Author: Cine Cook

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  1. Yes the movie is worth watching. One more thing , ” it is better never to love at all than to be loved and lost for several times” b’coz ‘love’ is heavenly.

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