dam999“God damn it! Please be serious! Please” is something I would like to tell to Mr Sohan Roy who has been all over the paper since the last two weeks over his so called ‘prophetic’ ‘cataphonic’ deliverance of a disastrous subject. The movie is something, something, ah! Let’s say a serious topic that is spoiled by his desire to cater to a European or American audience. He has in a way underestimated the western sensibility, thinking that a story must be told through their skin to be felt deep within. In the process no body feels anything about it, except that 3 and a half minute sequence that shows the collapse of the dam.

I think it is a love story. Yea, it is a love story. The hero and the heroine had to be separated. He must have thought of all the old reasons to separate Juan from Alex. Juan’s dad is a cruel fellow..or Alex is a rich guy and Juan is poor, so the family of Alex won’t let Juan into the house. Or Juan and Alex on their way to honeymoon gets separated by a storm. That Hollywood crazy pic 2012 had taken earthquakes and tsunamis so nothing much left these days to sever the immortal ties of the girl and guy, so Mr Roy must have had to whack his brain before the 60 watt bulb gave him a glow in his brain. There’s a ‘ready-to-break’ dam in kerala. I will put my hero and heroine in there for a while, and while they hug, the whole thing goes bursting and there she goes in the full deluge of a water bank. But in the end, everybody is saved. Hocus pocus! Abracadabra! That’s magic son!

Well, I remember that John Donne poem. Where he says two people must be left to love, my love for my lady won’t bring in tempests. My love for my lady won’t cause floods. My love for my lady won’t wreck ships. So why don’t you people let us love?

Donne! You must know that there are some special loves that can change the course of the world. Look here. While the hero starts to hug his heroine in their teen age, the hero’s mother dies. The next time, after their long separation, they try to hug again, and the dam breaks. They are two people who are not supposed to meet in the destiny of the universe, like Ladan and President Bush. They bring disaster to each other and to the world. Their astrological stars go like two magnets of the same pole.

Aha! You know something fellows? I just figured out what really happened in the case of Titanic. Titanic sank because Jack and Rose made love. Their stars were crossed. See this movie and you will know. But the money you invest in theatres won’t be refunded.


Author: Cine Cook

2 thoughts on “Damn…999!!!

  1. well written bro…everything was discernible in the trailer… a kitchen ready to cook the western dishes…

  2. Superb review JK bhai.. the kind of fetishness with the so called ‘western sensibility’ is disgusting.. didn see the movie but the images in the trailor like that of the snake, fire, astrologer predicting and the whole eastern exotic mumbo-jumbo really was pointing this imminent tragedy.. anyway excellent piece

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