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"ra-one, hindi movie"

"ra-one, hindi movie"Ra-One was tailor-made for this Diwali with its bomb blasts and screeching sound effects, exploding your ear off. However, the film is all just sound and fury, signifying nothing. For kids who are born in strategic war games and pseudo-virtual environments, Ra-One offers nothing new but a jagged mixture  films that they saw in the recent past.

The film is about Arman Verma (Sharukh Khan) who creates a video game character ‘Ra-One’ to make his child happy but later finds himself in a position where he has to fight the beast he created. Director Anubhav Sinha, who earlier made fantastically pathetic films like Dus and Tum Bin, cannot decide whether he should make a superhero movie or a family drama. The result is an indescribable movie that belongs to neither of the two genres. The Audience is in a state of limbo, occasionally falling between amateurish retakes of Ironman-Matrix-Terminator generated graphics and typical Bollywood hardcore sentimentalism.

There is not a single saving factor in the movie. Even the music fails to impress. It is still difficult to decipher as to why the makers spend so much money on something as trashy as this. At no point in the film can the viewer make up a connection between the scenes. The action sequences happen just like that, out of nowhere. And when they do happen, there is nothing new or creative which hooks the audience to the screen.

Ra-One makes one commemorate the old teenage science-fiction series like ‘Superhuman Samurai’. The sad thing is that even those small television series had a credible story to tell while Ra-One doesn’t have one. By making a film like Ra-One, Bollywood has yet again proved that it is pathetic with genre movies. Take apart the 3D and gamer aspect of the film, and Ra-One would be like a million other Bollywood movies, which tells the story of an ever-loyal husband-wife relationship, surrounded by innocent children. And of course, a villain to screw things up.

Author: Cine Cook

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