Pannayyarum Padminiyum

We are exposed to an extensive realm of really fine short films available on the internet, through film festivals and mobile media. It is difficult to keep up with all the action, but some are exceptionally good and hence should not be missed. Pannayiyarum Padminium is one such film. This beautifully recounted Tamil short film by S.U Arun Kumar provides a filmic delicacy to all short film lovers. The genuine narrative style without any gimmicks or bourgeois artificiality renders virtuousness to the story.

The character Pannayiyar is a reputable figure of the village whose long time ambition was to own a Padmini car. The story begins in third person narrative, reciting the incidents which begin with the entry of a new premier padmini (car) bought by Pannayiyar. The expedition of Pannayiyar and his padmini subjugates the major part of the film. The subtle way of relating every minute detail with a dash of humour makes it incomparable. The characters, like driver Murugeshan add to the comic effect of the film.  The pure rustic fervour of the film is replicated in its cinematography by Sujith Sarang. The innocence of the characters and the beautiful rural setting of the film leave a therapeutic effect on the viewers. Above all the performance of the characters is extraordinary. The soul of the story is served magnificently which makes the crew deserve a wide range of applause. Hats off to you guys!!!

Remya Sujit.

Author: Cine Cook

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