Faubourg Saint – Paris Je Taime

Faubourg Saint Denis-Paris-Je-Taime-Cinecook-Framed

Paris, Je t’aime, a 2006 French film, intimates the million moods of love through a collection of 18 short films directed by 22 directors. Featured here is Faubourg Saint-Denis, one among those 18 short films, directed by the renowned German writer-director Tom Tykwer.

Faubourg Saint Denis-Paris-Je-Taime-Cinecook-Framed

It narrates the story of a young blind man (Melchior Beslon), Thomas and his relationship with Francine, an aspiring and struggling actress (Natalie Portman). The narrative carries us through the undulations of their affair within a short span of time. The craft of the director transcends the precincts of time. Time flows before us;  unseen yet engraving every detail on our mind; unfelt yet intimating all those pangs and passions in our heart.



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